Sicheldorfer Heilwasser

A Very Special Taste

Due to its high mineralisation, the Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water has an a very special taste. This very special quality becomes apparent when you sample the pure water for the first time. Naturally, geological factors may occasionally cause deviations in taste, but they do not present any health risks. This characteristic is the natural quality of Sicheldorf’s Joseph Spring.
Sicheldorfer Heilwasser

Beneficial Effects

Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Drinking cures using the Sicherdorfer Medicinal Water are recommended for the following conditions and for supportive treatment.

Iodine plays an important role in the human body and in the generation of thyroid hormones. In almost every cell of the body, they perform the crucial function in the regulation of metabolic processes. A long-term iodine deficiency leads to a suboptimal performance of the thyroid gland, which results in a significant impairment of a person’s physical and mental abilities.
In Western and Central Europe, a diet-related iodine deficiency still poses a problem. Therefore, drinking mineral water rich in iodine such as the Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water enables you to restore your iodine supply in a natural way.


Urinary stones are crystalline deposits of the efferent urinary tract. By increasing the fluid supply, which in turn results in a reduced concentration of dissolved substances in urine, the Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water can already have a general preventive effect by precluding the formation of urinary stones.
Due to the medicinal water’s composition, not only the concentration is increased, but also the urine’s pH value. This leads to an increased solubility / precipitation of substances that form urinary stones (with the exception of phosphatic stones).
In order to prevent and treat urinary stones, the Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water should be drunk throughout the day, and it is especially important to consume it in the evening.

An increasingly large number of people suffer from heartburn – or reflux, as the disease is called in medical circles. The Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water is a natural and well-tolerated remedy that provides instant relief against the burning sensation in your throat. Studies have shown that medicinal waters rich in hydrocarbonate are just as effective as acid-binding over-the-counter remedies. If you are suffering from heartburn, drink the Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water in single portions of 200 – 300ml throughout the day or when required.
Thanks to its composition, the Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water is also suitable for therapeutic application in the event of excess acid in the stomach (hyperacidity gastritis). As sodium hydrogen carbonate water, it has a hydrochloric acid secretion inhibiting effect. In order to achieve this result, the medicinal water should be consumed 90 to 120 minutes before eating, as well as after the meal. It should be drunk slowly and in sips; extreme temperatures should be avoided.
The Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water, which contains bicarbonate, may have positive effects in the event of these chronic inflammatory diseases, which have become much more common in recent years. This reason for that is the fact that the NaHCO3 has buffer-dissolving and expectorant qualities.
Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser


Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Our Sicheldorfer Medicinal Water is bottled at the Joseph Spring in Sicheldorf. In the course of this process, the medicinal water is carbonated and then sold in 1.5-litre PET bottles.

(HCO3) hydrocarbonate 3400 mg/l
(I) iodide 0.78 mg/l
(Mg) magnesium 87.3 mg/l
(Ca) calcium 175.1 ml/l
(K) potassium 108.8 mg/l
(Na) sodium 1175 mg/l

Major analysis from 19 November 2013 carried out by the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Graz (Ass. Prof. Dr. Mag. Georg Raber)

Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser
Sicheldorfer Mineralwasser


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